1. NEW sticky note doodles! Here are some from this past month. 

  2. My good friend Muffy MacMouse has a new website! Check it out and buy a book at MuffyMacMouse.com. The have a new after Christmas sale going on RIGHT NOW. See details above!

  3. I got one of the owners of the company I work for this year in a company secret santa. He has a bull mastiff and plays lacrosse so I figured it would be neat to design a sticker for him, that could be printed and cut in our warehouse. I gave him two prints and a zip drive that had a high res tiff file and a eps file with a cut line. 

  4. This holiday season I created two Christmas color themed monsters with my book: Monster Mashup. How fun would it be to make wrapping paper out of this pattern next year! 

  5. richdaley:

    Muffy MacMouse: Christmas in the Village is finally here!

  6. The Pokemon Podcast gang is putting on the Battle City art show this weekend in Milwaukee! They even did a Kickstarter for it here!

    This is the piece that I submitted for the show. I’m a big fan of fighting types. I figured who better to draw for a Pokemon battling art show then the king of fighters himself, MACHAMP!

    So if you’re in the Milwaukee area this weekend, check the show out. Oh and did I mention this piece is on sale and the proceeds go to charity. BUY IT!!!!!

  7. The official cover to Muffy MacMouse’s 2nd book, “Muffy MacMouse and Christmas in the Village!” It will be available to purchase this holiday season. Until then, enjoy these small previews of what’s to come.

    I will update and let you guys know where and how you can get a copy over the next couple months.

    You can grab the 1st book on amazon by clicking on the link below!


  8. My friend’s Jake Troth and Austin Saya put together a music video for Jake’s new single ” On my Way.” They asked me to draw up a logo for a bike shop that is featured in the video. They wanted a cartoony version of the actor playing T-Bone the Bike Salesmen.

    Click on the link below to check out the video! It turned out awesome and I’m glad I got to be a small part of it!


  9. Boston Comic Con was such a great first convention experience! Even though is was a month ago, I still get excited when I think back on it! I met a lot of talented people, made some good connections, and sold a TON of my stuff! Completely blew my expectations out of the water!

    I’ll be tabling again at M.I.C.E in Cambridge, Boston on Sept 28-29 too! I’ll be selling copies of “Monster Mashup,” “A Daley Dose of Monsters,” plus stickers and the the children’s book, “Muffy MacMouse.” If you missed me at BCC, make sure you stop by and lets talk comics!!!

  10. Over the past couple years I’ve put a lot of work into this book of monster illustrations and comic strips called “A Daley Dose of Monsters.” Unfortunately, these two guys did not make it into book in time for Boston Comic Con this year.

    I’ve kept them secret for awhile now, but I figured this would be a great time to reveal them and see if they got any love. “A Daley Dose of Monsters,” is a project that I find myself constantly going back to and tweaking. If there is a new and improved 2014 edition these guys might just find themselves amongst the pages of it with their other monster brethren!