1. The Koopalings were revealed as alternate costumes for Boswer Jr. in Super Smash Bros this past week, and I couldn’t be more excited! Their designs are all so awesome. Iggy is definitely my favorite, but Morton, Roy and Lemmy are all contenders for second place. How great would it be if they all had their own game! I would play the shit out of that! 

    I drew them as part of my on-going procrastination project where I try and doodle something on a sticky note everyday at work. Hope you Enjoy!

  2.  I’ve done way over 50 different portraits on sticky notes now. It’s really satisfying seeing them all displayed next to each other. Thinking it might be time to move on, and find some new subject matter for my procrastination though…

  3. My latest batch of sticky note doodles! Trying to play with and consider weight, age, gender and race when designing my character designs. They just keep getting better and better!

  4. daleymashup:

    Week 7’s Monster Mashup creation for my countdown to Boston Comic Con!

  5. New grouping of sticky note doodles from the past month! Threw a Cyclops and a Busta Rhymes in the mix to add a little flavor. 

  6. Character designs from the past week. Some are new, some are characters from my book, “A Daley Dose of Monsters,” that i’ve been trying to revamp. 

  7. Experimenting with color and texture on a Sunday night. 

  8.  L.A. musician Jake Troth commissioned me to help design a character for a musical project he is currently working on. Here are some of my favorite designs that he decided not to go with.   

  9. NEW sticky note doodles! Here are some from this past month. 

  10. Every Valentines Day I make my special lady a card featuring this little fella! xoxoxo