1. richdaley:

    Selling books, stickers & prints this weekend in Porter Square at M.I.C.E ! Come on down, it’s free admission!

  2. Hey everybody! I’ll be tabling at M.I.C.E. this weekend in Porter Square, Somerville. I’ll be selling copies of Monster Mashup, A Daley Dose of Monsters, as well as some prints and stickers! The con is free admission so if you haven’t got a copy of either book this would be a great time! I’m at table A61. COME SAY HI

  3. richdaley:

    Got to hang out with a real Muffy last night! This doll kicks ass and eats marshmallows!!! #proartist #caringandsharing

  4. The Koopalings were revealed as alternate costumes for Boswer Jr. in Super Smash Bros this past week, and I couldn’t be more excited! Their designs are all so awesome. Iggy is definitely my favorite, but Morton, Roy and Lemmy are all contenders for second place. How great would it be if they all had their own game! I would play the shit out of that! 

    I drew them as part of my on-going procrastination project where I try and doodle something on a sticky note everyday at work. Hope you Enjoy!

  5.  I’ve done way over 50 different portraits on sticky notes now. It’s really satisfying seeing them all displayed next to each other. Thinking it might be time to move on, and find some new subject matter for my procrastination though…

  6. My latest batch of sticky note doodles! Trying to play with and consider weight, age, gender and race when designing my character designs. They just keep getting better and better!

  7. Boston Comic Con 2014 exceeded expectations! I made a bunch of new friends and sold a ton of merch. Thanks to everyone who came out! See you again next year. 

    Rich Picks: His favorite Boston Comic Con cosplayers. 

    Day 1: Mole Man

    Day 2: John Carpenter’s The Thing

    Daley 3: Bob Ross

  8. Hey everybody! I’ll be at Boston Comic Con this weekend selling my books and sketches! I’ll be at table D421. Hope to see you there!

  9. richdaley:

    First edition of my grandfather’s book! Cover designed by me! #poornitely

  10. richdaley:

    Everything is printed and assembled for #BostonComicCon this upcoming weekend! Super excited to premier these updated #MonsterMashup books! #poornitely