1. Character designs from the past week. Some are new, some are characters from my book, “A Daley Dose of Monsters,” that i’ve been trying to revamp. 

  2. Experimenting with color and texture on a Sunday night. 

  3.  L.A. musician Jake Troth commissioned me to help design a character for a musical project he is currently working on. Here are some of my favorite designs that he decided not to go with.   

  4. NEW sticky note doodles! Here are some from this past month. 

  5. Took a few old designs and played around with them as T-shirt Designs. Might look into getting something printed in the future.

  6. Every Valentines Day I make my special lady a card featuring this little fella! xoxoxo

  7. NEW sticky note doodles! Here are some from this past month. 

  8. My good friend Muffy MacMouse has a new website! Check it out and buy a book at MuffyMacMouse.com. The have a new after Christmas sale going on RIGHT NOW. See details above!

  9. Koopa Troopa Beach for my friend Tait’s Mario Kart 64 zine! 

  10. I got one of the owners of the company I work for this year in a company secret santa. He has a bull mastiff and plays lacrosse so I figured it would be neat to design a sticker for him, that could be printed and cut in our warehouse. I gave him two prints and a zip drive that had a high res tiff file and a eps file with a cut line.